1958 Norman Cherner Bar Stools and Counter Stools Reissued

Since 1958 the molded plywood counter stools, bar stools, and chairs by Norman Cherner have been seen in some stylish settings. The counter or bar height stools are available with a wood or metal base with a seat that is made of laminated plywood of graduated thickness from 15 to 5 layers at the perimeter of the shell. Reissued in exacting detail from the original drawings and molds these classic stools are strong, lightweight and like the original, made entirely in the U.S.A. Available in classic walnut, natural walnut, clear beech, ‘Stella’ Orange, ebony, white, red gum and any combination of finishes with custom finishes available. Cherner chairs and stools are also available with upholstered seat pads. Get them Here


Peter Rolfe Gen II Chest of Drawers / Jewelry Chest

Charles Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Wooden Sinks

By Markus Horner


by Christian Zuzunaga



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